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The park Zeměráj Smíšek


398 55 Kovářov 201


Telefon: +420 702 542 054



GPS: 49.50917, 14.30417
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Zeměráj adventure park was founded in 2011 by a private company, funded from private sources. It lies on the border of Central and South Bohemia, near Orlik nad Vltavou near the village of Kovářov, the granite hills called "edge stones".

Zeměráj covers an area of ​​nine hectares near the former farm is preserved timbered house from 1640, standing on the site of the defunct water mill based at least in the early 16th century. The complex is sensitively set in diverse natural environment in a remote area 2 km away from the nearest settlement and interference. The place is small mixed forests interspersed with areas of meadows, fields, ponds, scattered vegetation and typical clusters of large granite boulders.

Zeměráj consists mainly of archaeological early medieval village in the form of radial surrounded by gardens, fields and pastures, revived its inhabitants and animals, complete with shrines and burial, as well as archaeological and paleontological simulation site, children's games village inspired timbered buildings of regional folk architecture in scaled-kilometer long nature trail barefoot, large wooden maze, interactive indoor play area, archery and numerous natural courses on various topics. There are scattered in a hundred different game elements, board games, puzzles, adventure and fun challenges for all ages. There is also a stylish pub offering food and drink, rest areas and sheltered areas in case of bad weather.

Visitor Zeměráje fun way and active participation to better understand aspects of the difficult life of peasants in the early Middle Ages, and how you reveal and examine the archaeologists. Own hands to spin the thread and weave it ornamental bracelet, a potter's wheel dial plate of clay to create a talisman for happiness or other proper work of inspiring different materials. Artificial stone flour on millstones or zrnotěrce, prepared cereal dough and baked pancakes. Help with baking bread in the bread oven function, maintenance of gardens, harvest crops, animals and the provision of water, wood processing, Disassembly of fire and cooking. Try a straw bed comfort and warmth of fur in modest dwellings. Identifies and the life of our ancestors in the not too distant time, folk architecture central Vltava, traditional crafts and contemporary cuisine. Each site is designed so Zeměráje,

The concept of experiential park is unique in the Czech Republic, built interactively modeled on European-oriented specialized museums in nature , respectively. Ecomuseum based on modern methods vivid interpretation of cultural and natural heritage. Intelligibly tells the stories of "ordinary" rural population based on scientific facts in the most complete and authentic form of logical connections. Addressing the widest possible public, including completely uninformed that he might do "classical" museum or the museum never visited, is a hyphen between commercial and scientific spheres and forms the gangplank to further education, especially for children, under the motto "knowledge of one's own past is a gift to the future" .


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The park Zeměráj Smíšek The park Zeměráj Smíšek coinage 482
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