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Museum of chocolate and marzipan

Muzeum čokolády Tábor
Kotnovská 138
39101 Tábor 
GPS: 49.41278, 14.65806
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Museum of chocolate and marzipan in Tabor presents on the area over 1000m2 history of chocolate, its production, imports to Europe and subsequent processing into a form of sweets, tables, chocolates, figurines.

The exhibition is devoted to the history of packaging and advertising posters, as well as porcelain or tin sets, from whichchocolate mill in the 19th century , aristocratic salon or model of cocoa cultivationin the forest.

The second part of the museum is dedicated to marzipan and its processing. You will see a marzipan model of Tábor Square and other landmarks, marzipan models of fairy tales, clothesfor dolls, etc. For all playful handsis available a permanentworkshop where you can make your own chocolate pieces, or work with marzipan.

In the cinema are ready films for chocolate experts, you can see them directly from chocolate room, where the chocolate flows in the fountain.

At the end of the museum you can buy original souvenirs, postcards, books and of course candy, figurines, truffles etc.

- Marzipan exhibition

- Chocolate Fountain

- The history of cocoa growing and processing

- Fairytale cellar

- Marzipan model of Tábor

- Historical packages and services for drinking chocolate

- Aristocratic salon

- Creative workshop for all

- Chocolate room to taste


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Museum of chocolate and marzipan Museum of chocolate and marzipan coinage 334
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GPS: 49.41278, 14.65806 Zobrazit na mapě
Muzeum čokolády Tábor
Kotnovská 138
39101 Tábor