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coinage 463

Pivovar house Zvíkov


Zvíkovské Podhradí 92, 397 01 Písek

GPS: 49.43056, 14.19806
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The ancient castle of Zvíkov, as well as its surroundings, has a rich history and is a testimony to the meeting of people as well as various cultures. Pivovarský dvůr Zvíkov was established in harmony with this tradition and it continues the history of beer brewing and the roasting of meat on an open fire, as it used to be done a long time ago in the castle. We would like to offer you something more than “mere” gastronomy. We always try to please you not only with excellent cuisine but also with a special krausen beer of our own production. Our chef will prepare a feast for you and grill meat as you like it. The brewer will show you round the brewery and tell you the secrets connected with the brewing of our beer.

We would like you to feel at home here just like a friendly visit, to have something to eat and drink and to feel the “spirit of the brewery”. Apart from that – it is so nice to fall asleep after drinking beer! For your relaxation we have prepared 25 very nicely furnished rooms, each of them with its own bathroom and television.


Machine coins
Pivovar house Zvíkov Pivovar house Zvíkov coinage 463
Pivovar house Zvíkov Pivovar house Zvíkov coinage 463
Automat (NEVRACÍ) a akceptuje tyto mince: 5, 10, 20, 50,- Kč a 0,5, 1, 2 €,(kurzem 1€/25,-Kč). Pamětní ražbu automat vyplácí v celkové hodnotě 50,- Kč nebo 2 €.
Automat je umístěn u vstupu do pivovarské restaurace. GPS: 49.43103, 14.19863 Zobrazit na mapě