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Tep faktor - game by Boyard inspired

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GPS: 49.76806, 14.34861
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We have prepared unique entertainment for you. Adventure, mystery, overcoming obstacles and deciphering codes. There are twenty-one tasks in which you are to overcome both physical and logical obstacles in a team consisting from two to five people. These tasks will prove your perseverance, teamwork, courage, resoluteness and game passion. Your goal is to solve twenty tasks. After successful overcoming all of them you will get signs which will help you to open the twenty first „ golden“ chamber with tha last task and a valuable winning prize. 
Everything is elecronically controlled. There is a time limit for overcoming each obstacle. You can solve everything in any order with any amount of tries. 
The game is inspired by The Boyard Fort in the theme of Indiana Jones and The Pirates from the Caribbean. There is also supporting music specially composed for each task. 
In addition to the great game, we have also prepared for you more than 300 sq metres of an indoor beach with a bar. Summer throughout the year. Ideal for relaxing, picnic or just enjoying your time by the jukebox in the sunset.

It is really something you are to look forward to!

We are looking forward to your coming!


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Tep faktor - game by Boyard inspired Tep faktor - game by Boyard inspired coinage 333
Automat (NEVRACÍ) a akceptuje tyto mince: 5, 10, 20, 50,- Kč a 0,5, 1, 2 €,(kurzem 1€/25,-Kč). Pamětní ražbu automat vyplácí v celkové hodnotě 50,- Kč nebo 2 €.
GPS: 49.76806, 14.34861 Zobrazit na mapě
Chotilsko okr. Příbram
262 03