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Bachledka Ski & Sun

GPS: 49.27278, 20.30722
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The Bachledka Ski&Sun family ski area covers northern and southern slopes of the Spiš Magura mountain ranges with a beautiful panorama of the Belianske Tatras. This area offers excellent skiing on three connected valleys with a season-long snow guarantee.

The ski area can be accessed by car from the towns of Ždiar (Bachledova dolina) and Jezersko.

Pistes in three valleys with access from three different towns are a situation unique to Slovakia. Sporting enthusiasts from the Tatras to the Dunajec River have easy and convenient access to the ski area. Skiers and snowboarders can choose between 12 pistes of varying degrees of difficulty with a total length of 11 km, a 4-seat chairlift in Jezersko, a 3-seat chairlift in Bachledova dolina and seven ski tows.

The ski area has a unique children's zone facing south on the Bachledka I piste. The smallest skiers can look forward to conveyors and a carousel (an excellent aid in ski instruction), an entertainment world, tubing run, playground and educational trail. 

Other attractions in the Bachledka Ski&Sun area include the 1,200 m long bob-sleigh track, the timed slalom run and snow rafting. The area includes a ski and snowboard school, service, sports equipment rentals, restaurants, snack bars and après-ski bar. 

A free ski bus operates from the towns of Ždiar and Jezersko during the high season.

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