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Dinopark Tatry Tryceraptos


Vysoké Tatry-Dolný Smokovec, Slovensko

GPS: 49.12278, 20.24778
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You will experience a show of mysterious animals, which inhabited our Earth for millions of years and left their footprints also in the High Tatras. They have been forgotten for 250 million years and today they are waking up so that you can admire them in a new unique exhibition. Embark on a journey into the past and explore the life of amazing prehistoric creatures.

Dinopark Tatry has the largest concentration of dinosaurs per square meter. Thanks to this, you can learn all the interesting things and real knowledge about these creatures. It is built on the site where they once lived. You will get a concentrated explanation of the most interesting things without having to move along the big routes with the children.

Dinosaur will introduce you to the fastest, bloodiest, but also the oldest and largest dinosaur that has ever lived on the planet. You will see them up close, as if they were standing alive in front of you. Although these dinosaurs blink, move, and often likes to roar, you don't have to worry about them.

The show also includes a 2D cinema with a film about T-Rex's adventures, for our youngest visitors. In addition, various attractions await you, such as virtual reality, bouncy castles, trampolines, an intuitive sidewalk, competitions and much more.