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Theatre Karlovy Vary

GPS: 50.22083, 12.88139
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he painting decorations were entrusted to renowned Viennese artists, brothers Gustav and Ernest Klimt along with Franz Matsch. The trio of young artists (aged between 22 and 25 years) left behind a permanent hallmark in the form of a monumental masterpiece – a hand-painted curtain with a motif celebrating the art of poetry. The magnificent work of art is complemented by a fresco above the forestage and paintings on the vaulted ceiling.

The sculptural decorations, which particularly stand out in the foyer, are the work of yet another Viennese, Theodor Friedl. His signature is also apparent on the group of statues depicting the Muses on the forefront, as well as on the Antique griffins guarding the entrance.

All lighting fittings, the chandelier,and especially the charming Rococo lamps on the staircase were designed by architects Fellner and Helmer.