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Museum of Polna


Zámek 485, 588 13 Polná

GPS: 49.48694, 15.71472
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Originally a castle from 13th century, it represents a complex of fragments of architectural objects, built in various style concepts. During centuries, it had been rebuilt several times. After the great fire in 1794, it wasn´t renovated again. In 1925 the buildings were purchased by a factory owner, Vaclav Pojmann, who donated them to TJ Sokol Polna (a sports organization) and the Club of the Town´s Museum. During 1985 - 2004, an extensive reconstruction was under way. In the courtyard there is a fountain (1693). In the complex there are several institutions: The School of Arts (ZUS), the Cultural Centre, the branch of the "Museum of Highlands" Jihlava, and also the "Chateau Restaurant" with accomodation.

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Zámek 485, 588 13 Polná