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Butterflies House Karlovy Vary


Vrch přátelství 5/1 suterén Karlovy Vary, 360 01

GPS: 50.21861, 12.87139
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A tropical garden with live, exotic butterflies from around the world.

Be prepared to see the most beautiful butterflies from around the world – e.g. from Thailand, from the Philippines, or from the rainforests of South America or Mexico. 

The flight zone itself has over 100 m2, in which more than 300 colourful beauties shall flutter around you, some with a wingspan of up to 20 cm! You will be able to observe almost 30 kinds of butterflies in their natural habitat, including all of the stages of the butterfly’s life cycle – from the egg, to the caterpillar, to the chrysalis, up to the adult specimen. You may glimpse the hatching of a butterfly from their chrysalis with your very eyes, and thus be witness to their first flight ever. 

The Butterfly House provides rare opportunities for photographs, and shall surely please all of those who appreciate the elegance and beauty of exotic butterflies. 

You can also find a souvenir shop offering only items with a butterfly theme at the reception of the Butterfly House. 

Romantic couples are invited to organise their wedding ceremonies directly in the flight zone.

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Butterflies House Karlovy Vary Butterflies House Karlovy Vary coinage 448
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Vrch přátelství 5/1 suterén Karlovy Vary, 360 01