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Planetárium Ostrava


K Planetáriu 502, 725 26 Ostrava-Krásné Pole

GPS: 49.83722, 18.14472
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Pin our Planetarium you can 

  • see a show in a Planetarium dome (Sál planetária)
  • play with interactive exhibits (Experimentárium)
  • visit a lecture or watch movie (2D or 3D) in our small lecture hall (Kinosál)
  • watch the real sky through a telescope in our Observatory 

Fulldome movies or shows in Sál planetária are the main attraction of Planetárium Ostrava. They are projected onto a rounded surface which creates a unique visual experience. They are usually preceded by a live presentation about current night sky.

The shows are usually both entertaining and educational. They are often related to astronomy, astrophysics, Earth science, aerospace, but also to history, biology, arts etc.

Live presentations about stars, constellations, planets etc. are usually in Czech language. For most shows we have an English audio track. If you want to listen to narration in English or in other language, simply ask for a wireless device with a receiver at the reception desk. You can also ask our guides.

For a school group you can order a show in a foreign language, if a narration is available. For more information please go to and contact us. 

Please be on time. Plan you arrival at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled beginning of the show. Don't worry if you come too early. All tickets for a show in the dome include entry to Experimentarium with plenty of interactives where you can spend any extra time. 

The show schedule can be found on Program page in the first column (Sál planetária). Shows together with night sky presentation usually take one hour.



The Experimentárium is comprised of more than 30 exhibits with most of them being interative. They are located all over the building. 

For English and Polish texts please use the QR codes. 

Entry to the Experimentarium is included in all tickets for shows in Sál planetária (The dome). You can, however, buy a ticket only to the Experimentarium. 

Maintenance of the interactives can be tough! It is very likely, that you will see "out of order" sign on some of them. In such a case we apologize for inconvience. We do our best to fix broken exhibits, but in many cases we have to contact the producer or supplier. This can take some time.


Kinosál (Lecture Room)

Lectures on various scientific topics take place about once in a month. We also invite travellers to present their pictures and videos from distant countries. Both scientific and travel lectures in Kinosál are almost exclusively in Czech.

In Kinosál we also screen 2D and 3D movies. For some of them we have an English audio track. A wireless device with headphones is available. If you are interested in seeing a movie in Kinosál, please go to Program page and look for an item in the second column (Kinosál). Scientific lectures are marked "(přednáška)" and travel lectures are marked "(cestopis)".


Hvězdárna (Observatory)

Our facility has two observatory domes with slits and opening systems in their roofs - Western dome ("Západní kopule") and Eastern dome ("Východní kopule") equipped with 35 cm and 30 cm telescopes respectively. Public observations usually take place in the western dome. Sometimes we also take smaller portable telescopes in front of the building.

The public sky watching starts at different times during the year depending on the time of the sunset. The times can be found on Program page in the third column (Hvězdárna).

There is allways an astronomer who sets the telescope and present short talks during the sky watching.

In summer we also do public observing of the Sun. Visitors can watch our nearest star with two telescopes. One offers traditional darkened view of the Sun while the other one allows visitors to see Sun in a narrow region of the spectrum called H alpha.

If you are interested in visiting public observations in Planetárium Ostrava, please keep in mind that

  • The temperature in the domes is the same as outside. Visitors cannot warm themseves by moving around in the domes. Check the current weather and dress accordingly.
  • There in no wheelchair access to the observatory domes. To enter the observatory domes, visitors need to walk up narrow stairs.
  • Visitors have to climb a ladder in order to reach the eyepiece of the telescope.
  • The astronomer's talks are given in Czech. However, some of our astronomers have some command of English. We cannot guarantee a commentary on the night sky in English, but you can check it beforehand.
  • Observing is only possible under good weather conditions, meaning mostly clear skies with little chance of rain or snow.
  • Tickets to public sky watching do not include entry to Expetimentárium (interactive exhibits).

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K Planetáriu 502, 725 26 Ostrava-Krásné Pole