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ZOO Ostrava -Varan papuánský

Zoologická zahrada Ostrava
Michálkovická 1137/197
710 00 Ostrava
GPS: 49.84306, 18.31917
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hanks to extensive support from the Statutory City of Ostrava, as well as ongoing projects, the Zoo has entered a decade of major redevelopment that is elevating the park towards the top-end of the country’s zoo community.

In the near future, a restaurant will be unveiled that shall operate all year round. Moreover, the thoroughly modern premises are to be integrated with an auditorium and an outdoor water world.  The water world will be built on the site of the former restaurant.

One of the fishing lakes is to be redesigned to feature a walk-through island exhibit with lemurs roaming free amongst visitors.

A new entrance area is under development which will lead to a major improvement in visitor comfort. It will feature ticket offices, a new Zoo shop, toilets and new administration facilities for Zoo managment.

Another project in process is a seal and penguin exhibit, which will replace the existing iron and concrete bear facility located in the central part of the Zoo. The fun of watching the antics of the penguins is sure to render the area more attractive and will help make up for the polar bears that used to live there.

A very special way of presenting animals is the Asian safari park, which is planned to stretch over a meadow behind the camel enclosure.  This park will help to show off the animals in ways that were not possible in the past.

The tigers are not going to be left out.  A new exhibit awaits them as well. It will cover the as of yet unused area of woodland when walking from the African fauna house. By the way, its ground plan shall exceed the existing tiger enclosures by ten times or so. This complex will also contain a large walk-through aviary for aquatic birds.

A project to convert the existing aquatic bird house into the House of Evolution represents the biggest challenge of all. Chiefly designed for the chimpanzees and some other African primates, the building will also hold a number of smaller animal species.

In addition to these large-scale activities, the Zoo will continue carrying out numerous smaller alterations, such as improving the design of older animal houses or producing exhibits of native fauna as part of the botanical trails.
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Zoologická zahrada Ostrava
Michálkovická 1137/197
710 00 Ostrava