Commemorative medals from points of interest in CZ
From our production
Zoo Plasy - Capybara vodníZoo Plasy - Capybara vodnícoinage 550Zoo Plasy - Capybara vodní
Fantasy Zoo and mini golf is about 19 klicks outside of PIlsen Czech Republic. It is well worth the time to visit. They have a Zoo as part of the mini golf with lions, tigers, monkeys, kangaroo,.....parrots.......o
Watermill in HosloviceWatermill in Hoslovicecoinage 549Watermill in Hoslovice
The oldest preserved water mill in Bohemia can be visited in Hoslovice, 16 km southwest of Strakonice. The complex of this unique mill is made up of the original mill room with a living area, stables, a shed and a barn. All of the buildings are thatched, with timbered or mixed walls built from stones and bricks.
The Museum of Central Pootaví Strakonicecoinage 548The Museum of Central Pootaví Strakonice
The Museum of Central Pootaví Strakonice is located in the grounds of Strakonice Castle, which was founded by the Bavarian family from Strakonice in the first quarter of the 13th century. Since 1995 the castle has been a national cultural monument.
The Museum on the Demarcation Line in RokycanyThe Museum on the Demarcation Line in Rokycanycoinage 547The Museum on the Demarcation Line in Rokycany
The Museum on the Demarcation Line in Rokycany is the biggest non-state museum in the Czech Republic. Its founder and operator is the Czech army land forces foundation
Ploština memorialPloština memorialcoinage 546Ploština memorial
Ploština was a small settlement in what is today the municipality of Drnovice in the Zlín Region of the Czech Republic. On 19 April 1945, at the end of World War II, it was burned and its people were massacred by Nazis in response to their support of the anti-Nazi resistance
church of St. Archangel Michael Králíkychurch of St. Archangel Michael Králíkycoinage 545church of St. Archangel Michael Králíky
Králíky is a smaller town in East Bohemia, which is famous above all for the large sacral pilgrimage complex located on the nearby Mount of the Mother of God. A much older monument - and in no way behind its "more famous" colleague in terms of its magnificent interior - is the church of St.
Chateau Karlova KorunaChateau Karlova Korunacoinage 544Chateau Karlova Koruna
The Baroque chateau has a unique ground plan, which resembles the shape of a royal crown. Near the chateau, there is an extensive English park with rare solitaires and an example of French Baroque gardens.
The Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary in HejniceThe Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary in Hejnicecoinage 543The Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary in Hejnice

The Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary in Hejnice is a National Cultural Monument of the Czech Republic. Originally, the site was occupied by a small wooden chapel, which was gradually extended. The wooden Gothic-style statue of the Black Madonna from 1380 is the most valuable object.

551 ks
135 ks
37 ks
27 ks
8 ks
8 ks
8 ks
7 ks
4 ks
Others: 154 ks
Zoo and theme parks: 97 ks
Chateaus: 92 ks
Cable cars and summits: 90 ks
Religious monuments: 78 ks
Castles: 76 ks
Towns: 73 ks
Museums: 72 ks
Restaurants and breweries: 41 ks
Monuments: 11 ks

Let me introduce the company CMQC , which is sol producer and distributor of commemorative coins of interesting places for which official commemorative coins are minted. Each coin is unique for each place; its appearance is always approved by the owner or keeper and can be bought only on the place.

Coins are minted for the places being interesting for tourists, such as castles, chateaux’s, churches, synagogues, observation towers, peaks, historical breweries, restaurants and hotels. The coins (made of burnished brass with 30 mm diameter and 2 mm thickness) often bear historical coats of arms, company logos, dominant views, and important years of human history...



Commemorative coins can be bought mostly in sales machines for 50 CZK or 2 EUR.On some places commemorative coins of old brass or white brass surface working are available for 80 CZK.Process of adding new places is continuously running.