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Veľký Kriváň - Malá Fatra

GPS: 49.1925, 19.03528
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Velký Kriváň (1 708,7 m nm) is the most picks of Malá Fatra. Centre of tourism Vratna ranks among the most attractive touristic and skiing centres in the Slovak Republic. It forms a part of the mountain Mala Fatra (The Little Fatra), in the north-west of Carpathian arch, situated only 30 km from the city Zilina (read Zhilina), the centre of north-western Slovakia. Vrátna belongs to the village Terchova (read Terkhova) in Zilina District. Specific music and songs of Terchova were preserved up to these days. The area has maintained alive the tradition of the legendary hero Juraj Janosík, captain of group of forest boys - robbers.

Why is Vratna so much sought-for and why are there yearly thousands of visitors from all parts of Slovakia and from abroad? On a relatively small area – cca 36 km2 - a diverse palette of beauty and attractions are concentrated that only nature can provide: peculiar entrance to Vratna through Tiesnavy (Gorges) with bizarre rocky objects; karst Dolne, Horne and Nove Diery (Lower, Upper and New “Holes” – caves) accessible through gangways and ladders; majestic hill Velky Rozsutec – dominant peak of Vratna; panorama of vallyes of Mala Fatra and neighbouring mountains revealing on range tours and during ascent on the tops; rich fauna and flora, variety of birds, peace of forests which you can relish on trips on well marked paths.

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Vrátna Valley- Chleb Vrátna Valley- Chleb coinage 008SK
Veľký Kriváň - Malá Fatra Veľký Kriváň - Malá Fatra coinage 034SK
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