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coinage 158

Adršpach mountains

GPS: 50.62, 16.10472
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he route starts in Dolni Adršpch near the hotel Skalní město. Than we continue through the gatehouse to the rock-town. Most od the route this trip will copy the green tourist way and nature trail of Rock town. After several metres we reccommend to make small excursion (about 50 m) to the afloat sand pit. We can go around the sand pit ar go back. First we continue on wide comfortable sand road, than through the rock-chine to small rocky-square. You can see here the statue and tablet to visit of J. W. Goethe. We continue across the small river and from there we mount on stone stairs to the top of rock-plateau with beautiful views to rock-formations. Than we must go down to the place called Myší díra (Mouse hole). This is the narrowest place of the trip. We continue along the wood to place called Ozvěna (Echo) and back to gatehouse and Dolni Adršpach (Total length about 3,5km) 

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Adršpach mountains Adršpach mountains coinage 158
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GPS: 50.62, 16.10472 Zobrazit na mapě