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coinage 118SK

Liptovský Mikuláš - Church of st. Nicholas

GPS: 49.3149275, 18.3353656
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Have a look at the jewels of the oldest constructional monument in the town – the biggest Early Gothic building in the region of Liptov! It was built as a parish church for 5 nearby settlements. Firstly, it used to stand alone in the middle of the countryside, then the town of Svätý Mikuláš was developed around it step by step. This imposing sacral building is located in the place where there was an older Romanesque church in the past. When the one-nave Church of St. Nicholas was being built in 1280 - 1300, the Romanesque church was changed to a sacristy and became the oldest part of the whole temple. The church was widened and vaulted in the mid 15th century, the tower was made higher and redesigned in the Late Gothic style. In the same period, the whole temple got fortified along with Pongrác curia and a moat was built around. Later, it underwent a Baroque renovation. After an extensive reconstruction of 1941-43, the church could shine again in its Early Gothic design. The fortification wall was removed and side chapels with beautiful stained-glass windows were built next to it.