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Watermill in Hoslovice


Hoslovice 36, 387 19 Čestice

GPS: 49.18583, 13.76889
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The oldest preserved water mill in Bohemia can be visited in Hoslovice, 16 km southwest of Strakonice. The complex of this unique mill is made up of the original mill room with a living area, stables, a shed and a barn. All of the buildings are thatched, with timbered or mixed walls built from stones and bricks. This area also includes a fi shpond with a drive, an orchard and meadows. The mill, with its repaired historic equipment, is a suitable place for demonstrations of traditional craft s, farming techniques and local jargon. Organized social events include the Shrovetide carnival, millers’ day, harvest supper, “konopická” feast (The hempen which used to be a parade of girls with maypoles in villages), etc. Also part of the complex is a permanent ethnographic exhibition called “Ze života šumavského Podlesí (From the Life of Outside the Šumava Forest)”. This exhibition shows the progress of farm work, the growing and processing of some important crops and the breeding of cattle. Hoslovice Water Mill is managed by the Muzeum středního Pootaví Strakonice (Museum of Central Otava Region of Strakonice).

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Hoslovice 36, Čestice