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coinage 137

Castle Sovinec


Hrad Sovinec

autopošta Břidličná

793 51 Sovinec, okr. Bruntál

telefon: 554 295 113


GPS: 49.27889, 13.61806
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The first mention of the majestic castle, sitting on a large rock promontory in the village of the same name, dates back to 1318. The castle was founded by lords of Sovinec, who belonged to the distinguished Moravian dynasty. It ranked among the defensive castles which guarded the road from the town of Olomouc to Silesia. During the occupation, French prisoners were kept here and their wall paintings have been preserved. As to adaptations from the 19th century, the building of the late-empire St. Augustine Church.

The castle is a scene of fencing contests, various cultural events acquainted with the history of castle and with period customs.