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town Hluk


nám. Komenského 162, 687 25 Hluk

GPS: 48.988121, 17.526679
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Hlucium in Latin (derives from water flowing noisily) is one of the oldest settlements at the Czech Republic territory. It is situated in the area colonizing of which already in 2000 - 2500 B. C. has been proved by archaeological findings. Its name is often being connected with the "Lucké pole" field mentioned with reference to 1099 and 1116 in the Kosmas' Chronicles. As a monarch's village, Hluk was a part of the "Lucká provincie" province, and it became possession of Oldřich of Hradec in 1294. After his death, the village reverted to monarch. In 1303, King Václav II donated it to Zdislav Měšec. A wooden citadel is referred to this time here. 
Since the XIV century, various gentry changed in occupation of the originally independent manor: the family of Zástřizly since 1460 to 1506 when Hluk became possession of the nobs of Kunovice. Sir Jaroslav of Kunovice stayed here in 1559, as showed oň the coats of arms in the citadel courtyard's southern part. His brother Jetřich became the owner after his death, and Gundakar of Lichtenštejn bought Hluk together with the estates of Ostroh. Hluk belonged to the family till patrimonial government abolition. 
In 1663, the whole Hluk with its courtyard was plundered during a raid of Turks. The same troops devastated the country also in 1683. Other attacks - this time by Ferenc Rákoczi's Hungarian troops - were made in 1703, 1705, 1708 and 1709. Hluk burnt down repeatedly in 1663, 1709, 1838 and 1857. The village was promoted to a town let by King Ludvík I. Jagellonský in 1525 and to a town in 1970. Important personages whose lives and work is connected with our town: František Kožík - writer (the citadel of Hluk was made famous by his novel Dawn in the lowland), Antonín Zelnitius - teacher, archaeologist, František Omelka - prose-writer, Dominik Černý - painter (pictures of national costumes of Hluk), Jan Smital - painter, František Hořínek - teacher, chronicler, (wrote the book Hluk, a townlet of Moravian Slovakia 1937). 
The present number of inhabitants is 4331, the town's area takes 2840 hectares.

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town Hluk town Hluk coinage 499
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