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GPS: 49.027887, 17.469835
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The town of Kunovice is situated in south-eastern Moravia, in the south-western part of Zlínský District, about 3km to the south of Uherské Hradiště in the region called Slovácko. Located in the Dolnomoravský Vale on the Olšava River not far from its mouth into the Morava about 185 metres above the sea, the town covers the area of 2, 854.9 ha. In the south, Kunovice borders on the Hlucká Upland stretching from the Vizovické Heights, in the west on the Chřiby Hills. Kunovice has a rich history thanks to its significant military-strategic location on the crossroads of the ancient trade paths. Numbers of archaeological finds from the Old Stone Age prove this. In the times of Great Moravia, there were several settlements scattered i n the area of today’s Kunovice whose purpose was to control the accession to the centre of the Great Moravian Empire.Great Moravia declined and Moravia annexed to Bohemia, Kunovice became the administrative and religious centre of he newly established frontier Hlucká Province. Allegedly, the name of Cunovitz comes from the Frankish Duke, Kuno, whose descendants were called Kunovici. The first written report of Kunovice dates back to 1196. The princely settlement of ”Grúň” along with the manor and the fortress functioned temporarily as the bishop’s residence. Kunovice was elevated to the status of a town before the year 1466. In 17th century, Kunovice got heavily plundered by foreign raiders, but later on, in the second half of 19th century, the town greatly developed due to its position suitable for growing fruit, vegetable and grapevine. Industries grew rapidly with the building of the railways. Kunovice became a major railway junction, the connection between Vlárská Railway and Břeclav – Přerov railroad track. The biggest local enterprises in the late-19th century were two brick-works, a mill with a power house, and food processing industry was set in motion. In the past, Kunovice became renowned for the production of aircraft, which commenced after the year 1936 in Avia aircraft factory.

In the 1950s, a new enterprise, LET Kunovice, was set up to specialize in the manufacture of small and light airbuses. The international aerodrome that is part of the factory offers flights to various destinations in Europe. Following the stagnation and decline of LET in the 1990s, the tradition of aircraft production is being renovated by the adjacent Evektor company. The rich tradition of aircraft industry is materialized in the unique  Aircraft Museum lying close to Evektor.

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Kunovice Kunovice coinage 502
Kunovice Kunovice coinage 502
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