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Muzeum of Kopřivnice - Slovenská strela

Technické muzeum Tatra
Záhumenní 367/1
742 21 Kopřivnice
GPS: 49.599453, 18.143684
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f you want to see the very first automobile that roamed the streets of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, go to the TATRA Technical Museum in Kopřivnice. This is where in 1897 the Präsident was born — a carriage drawn not by horses but by an engine.
The museum also offers many other unique sights! You can’t miss the convertible that was presented to J. V. Stalin, the T 805 driven by travelers Zikmund and Hanzelka, the off-road truck with which Karel Loprais won the Dakar rallye, the famous Tatra 138 from the famous Lambarene expedition, a unique motor sleigh, a railroad draisine and dozens of other gems, including the most bizarre inventions from the world of engines. Everybody can choose their favorite piece of machinery in this collection that comprises several dozen shiny beauties.

You can find out various interesting facts about this car manufacturer’s history through the interactive multilingual video boxes, film presentations containing a lot of authentic footage from production lines, the polygon, test drives, races, etc. You can also involve your smartphones in the discovery!

The museum also has a Hall of Fame dedicated to the Olympic medalist Emil Zátopek.