Commemorative medals from points of interest in CZ

Custom embossing

Create with us the preview of the commemorative „coinage“, which can show Your logo, signature, portrait, important date, or basically anything You wish. After the pressing of the coins is finished, You are presented with steel dies which were used to press the coins, which is a notable and interesting piece of art, which can be on display by itself. It can also be used in the future, should the need arise.

Dimensions of the „coinage“

We are able to manufacture „coins“ of any size, but due to economical reasons, it is best to stick to our mainstream dimensions, which are 30mm in diameter and 2mm thick „coins“.

Materials used

-          Brass

-          White brass

-          Old brass

-          Gold plating with 24kt. gold

-          Silver (Ag, genuineness 925 / 1000)

-          Gold (Au, genuineness 585 / 1000)


-          Plastic capsules (clear)

-          Plastic boxes (blue or bordeaux)

-          Wooden boxes (Cherry wood with leatherette inlay and with optional gold print)

-          Card (The „coin“ is inserted into plastic cover, which is then wrapped in printed carton. The dimensions are 105 x 150 mm,    and there is hole in the carton, so that the „coin“ is clearly visible from front and the back alike.

-          Black or white transparent box


Final price includes graphics, pressing, „coin“ material and the packaging of Your choice. It is possible to combine all the available materials in the pressing works, so You can have for example 13 silver „coins“, 4 gold ones and 50 brass ones.

It is imperative to include in the calculation the price of pressing dies (6000,- CZK – 10000,- CZK per piece, usually two pieces needed for each coin). You can also use your own dies, or select one of the generic ones, which are available in our catalogue. In such cases we do not charge any fees for using Your own, or own generic pressing dies. The prices of gold and silver materials are calculated in the day of the order, to reflect the actual prices of the commodities on world markets.

Please contact us with Your calculation request and we will gladly provide You with the exact price offer.

Terms and conditions

-          Delivery period is 3 – 6 weeks, from the day the graphical designs are confirmed and signed.

-          Pre-payment is 40 percent of the estimated final cost, and must be made within 5 working days after the graphical designs are confirmed and signed.

-          Remaining 60 percent of the price are to be paid no longer than 14 days after the work is done and invoice issued.



-          Tatra a.s.

-          Městská část Praha 2

-          Svaz klubů mládeže

-          Státní zámek Lednice

-          Bystřice pod Hostýnem

-          Domažlické slavnosti

-          Horní Měcholupy

-          ...and many, many others. :)

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