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Terms of trade

Terms and conditions

Ing. David Mička

CMQC - Oficiální pamětní ražba

Ing. David Mička - pamětní ražba CMQC

Adress: Petýrkova 1954/1, 148 00, Praha 4 – Chodov

Organization ID: 44854951, TAX ID: CZ6910170663

Office address: Přátelství 72, 106 00, Praha 10


These terms and conditions ("terms", abbreviated) of the Ing. David Mička company, company ID 44854951 as a "seller", define the rights and obligations of contracting parties arising from the purchase agreement, being closed between the seller and other individual or legal entity, by means of e-shop application ("e-shop", abbreviated), which is operated at URL


  1.  It is possible to define custom terms and conditions in a separate written contract, which is superior to these terms and conditions.
  2. Provisions of these terms are integral part of purchase agreement
  3. Seller has the right to change and amend these terms
  4. User account : By registering an user account, the user is able to access the user interface. From this interface is the user able to make orders. During the registration process, the user must state true and full details, required by the registration. The user must change these details accordingly, should the circumstances change. These details are always considered by the seller as true.The access to user interface is protected by username and password. User must not disclose details of his access information to anyone, and notes, that the seller is not responsible for any damages that may arise from user account misuse or abuse.
  5. The user must not allow use of his account by other persons.
  6. The seller may cancel the user account, mainly of the user account is unused for more than 12 months, or if the user breaks this agreement, or the purchase agreement.
  7. The user notes, that the user account may not be available all the time, especially during software or hardware maintenance.



Purchase agreement


  1. The web interface displays the list of items for sale, including the prices. The prices include taxes, and all fees. All the prices and discounts last, while displayed on the web interface, and may change without notice. This agreement allows individual contracts to be closed, disregarding the commonly displayed prices.
  2. The web interface states the fees of shipping and handling, price is 15 EUR postage and packing within the EU
  3. Before sending the order the seller is able to check and modify the data inserted in the order buyers, and also with regard to the possibility of the buyer to detect and correct errors made when entering data into the order. The data referred to in the order the seller to be correct. Seller immediately upon receipt of the order to the buyer confirms receipt of this e-mail, at the buyer's e-mail address specified in the user interface or in the order (hereinafter referred to as "electronic address of the buyer").


Payment condition


  1. Bank transfer : 107-2486840227/0100 IBAN: CZ5701000001072486840227 SWIFT (BIC) KOMBCZPPXXX, name of account : ing. David Mička
  2. By credit card




       Unless stated otherwise, all communication related to purchase agreement must be delivered to other party in writing, either in e-mail, or letter form. It is recommended to use the e-mail, which has the user associated with his account.

         Message is considered delivered:

      - in the event of receiving e-mail to the mail server. The message integrity can be ensured by certificate.

      - in the event of delivery of mail by postal service.

      - in the case of delivery rejection by the addresee.

        Final provisions

     The relationship agreement is based on Czech law system.

      The seller is entitled to sell the goods based on trade license.


Seller contact information is as follows: Pratelstvi 72, Uhrnineves, e-mail, telephone +420 731 106 119.


Along with the purchase price the buyer must pay the seller the cost associated with packaging and delivery of goods.