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Castle Morella premi patrimoni

Plaza San Francisco s/n
12300 Morella (Castellón-Castelló)
GPS: 40.621933, -0.09927
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Morella opens its gates, towers which have seen history, which saw king Jaume I entering the town and starting the Reconquista. The castle, which tops an ocean of mountains, has been one of the most important fortresses of the Mediterranean Sea. The way of many civilizations, prehistoric, Iberians, Romans, Muslims, Christians ... has left its mark in this towering building inhabited without interruption since the III millennium before Christ.
Each stone has stories and legends, friendships and fights, they have been the scenario of the battles of El Cid Campeador, the Succession War, and the main point of the Carlist Wars. These stones have witnessed the time of the Cathars and the Austria Kings. From the top you can fly the sky of Morella, mountains and the panoramic view of the houses of Morella which spread at the feet of the castle, like a carpet of red roofs.
The walls surround all the town of Morella. Although they have an origin previous to the conquest of James I, the present wall dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries with some modifications in the 18th century in the upper part, now there are loopholes. There are 2 km of wall, crossed by 7 gates and 10 towers some of them now lodge different museums.
The gate of Saint Michael, Saint Matthew, Forcall, the gate of the King, where James I entered into Morella; the Iron Gate, the place Blasco de Alagón used to enter when he conquered the town to the muslims; or the Fridge Gate, placed near an ice well where snow was kept. These walls are between 10 and 15 m of height and 2 m width. The walls cut the size of Morella, crowned by its castle.