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Basilica del Pilar - Zaragoza

Basilica del Pilar - Zaragoza
Plaza del Pilar s/n
500 03 Zaragoza
GPS: 41.656573, -0.878714
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The Basílica del Pilar is the symbol of the city par excellence. Tradition holds that the Virgin Mary came to Zaragoza to the Apostle Saint James (Santiago), who was preaching on the banks of the Ebro, to console him. The Virgin gave him a jasper column as a symbol of the strength that he should demonstrate in his faith. Inside you will find an image of the Virgin resting on a Pillar (Pilar), the jasper column she is said to have given to the Apostle. The alabaster High Altarpiece still boasts some of its polychrome tiles, a spectacular example of Late Renaissance architecture, finished by Damian Forment. Goya also left his mark on the temple, particularly on the dome, the setting for his fresco ``Queen of Martyrs``. A vast basilica of intense emotional resonance for local residents.