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Tatralandia Western City

Western City Tatralandia
Ráztocká 21
031 05 Liptovský Mikuláš
tel: +421 44 547 78 11
GPS: 49.10444, 19.56917
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Western City Šikluv Mlýn

, the largest natural and entertaining area in Slovakia is located in Liptovský Mikuláš near the Aquapark Tatralandia. The clients are offered much fun and many attractions and we try to show them the western life from the American continent from 19. century. The tramp of horses, smell of gunpowder, and charm of cancan dancers will take you from the ordinary reality to severe but romantic atmosphere of Wild West.

The amusement park Western City Šikluv Mlýn is divided into four parts:


– we can find here a mexican restaurant Mexico Hall, souvenirs, The Bar U Hrobára


– you can meet there a sheriff, visit Saloon Golden Nuget, Coral – roofed riding-place for horses, choo choo train Union Pacific, Refreshement Cowboy Station or confectioner´s Sweet Sue

Indian part

- you can see the Indians, you can try archery, get souvenirs in Traper and get some refreshement at Indian Grill


– natural amphitheatre where you can enjoy western theatre 5 times a day and concerts of music stars.

You can visit the western city in summer, winter or you can arrange a company session or congress there and experience non-repetitive atmosphere of wild west with much fun.

Summer season

lasts during summer months in July – August, the programme takes place 5 times a day for 3000 people in the amphitheatre always with different subject. During the visit in the area the clients can try many western attractions:

  1. Driving choo choo train Union Pacific
  2. Gold-washing
  3. Horse-riding
  4. Archery
  5. Riding electric bull
  6. Get some refreshment in nice bars or the Mexico Hall restaurant

Western pass

– advantageous one-day ticket to Western City Šikluv Mlýn and Aquapark Tatralandia – enjoy bathing and western fun

Congress tourism

– during all year we are concerned with the congress tourism, arrangement of firm events, congresses and firm meetings. We use Mexico Hall, Saloon Golden Nuget, Bar U Hrobára for this purposes, we provide catering, technical equipment and collateral programe at pleasure.

Winter season begins with the New Year´s show and lasts till 17. 3. 2007. The programe takes place 3 times a week on Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday, and on Friday – disco. The programme in winter is held in Mexico Hall, the visitors can see cowboy gun fight, country dance – with possibility to learn it. We will show you manege or you can try riding electric bull.

The speciality

of winter season is Spectral train. The visitors will enjoy the trip full of thrill, fear and fantastic fun. The programe Western City Šikluv Mlýn is the proper way how to spend the evening after an all-day skiing or a stay in Aquapark Tatralandia.

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Western City Tatralandia
Ráztocká 21
031 05 Liptovský Mikuláš
tel: +421 44 547 78 11