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Fajn Park - Zířátkov

GPS: 50.17111, 15.46028
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The idea to build a funpark in Chlumec nad Cidlinou came into being when we were parents of young children. Our three children were very restless and required daily long walks and frequent trips, preferably somewhere for animals or a well-equipped playground. The children gradually grew, but the thought remained and matured. Gradually began to realize in the form of finding a suitable area for the construction of the park and the construction of the first animal pens. Followed by a project to build one of the pivotal parts of the park - Hopsálkova, the largest outdoor trampoline center in the Czech Republic. During the next period was created Autodrome, Dinoprales, Zirkov, Indians, Bosov, stalls
with refreshments and other parts of Fajnpark.
At present, we are constantly developing, with the aim of gradually adding more attractions and game elements so that our visitors like to come back and always find something new and surprising.
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Fajn park - Hmyzákov Fajn park - Hmyzákov coinage 485
Fajn Park - Zířátkov Fajn Park - Zířátkov coinage 486
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automat je umístěn v prostorách parku GPS: 50.17209, 15.4601 Zobrazit na mapě