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Trojičné námestie, Trnava

Prodej pam.medailí je možný jen v automatu na Trojičním náměstí v Trnavě.

GPS: 48.3775, 17.58639
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Trnava, Slovakia is the oldest town in Western Slovakia dating from 1211 when it was settled by the Franciscans, Dominicans, and other religious orders from that time. In fact, many of the churches, monasteries, and convents that remain in Trnava today are reflected from these groups' influence by their Italian, Viennese, and Slovak architecture and paintings.


When you visit Trnava, the two must-see churches in town are St. Nicholas Church and The Church of St. John the Baptist. There are many churches in this predominately Catholic city of 78,000 people that deserve recognition, and they are: The Church of the Holy Trinity, St. James' Church, and St. Helen's Church.

Trnava has the remains of its Town Fortifications dating from the 13th and 14th Centuries that are worth a short visit, too, along with its synagogue and main square, Holy Trinity Square.

Quick Tips:

To get a better feel for Trnava, you should read the English translation of the guide book Slovakia: Walking Through Centuries of Cities and Towns. I have a copy of this book, and it is an extensive history of Slovakia from the Middle Ages to the Present, and its entry on Trnava is full of photos and is a great help for those who are interested in seeing what this town is like.


Make sure you learn a few words or phrases of Slovak. My friends spoke fluent English, but most of Trnava's residents don't speak English. However, they might speak German and you will be able to get directions or help if you know a little German, too.

Like many of Slovakia's cities and towns, Trnava is plagued by crime after the fall of communism in 1989. Many of Trnava's residents, my friends included, wish that communism was still in existence because of the high crime rate, and communism kept the crime rate down. If you visit a Slovak home, be prepared to ring a bell outside their locked gates in order to gain access inside.

Best Way To Get Around:

Trnava is located about a half an hour from the capital Bratislava and is easily accessible from there or other cities in Slvovakia by bus, car, or train. The busses run hourly along with the trains, but schedules change on major holidays, so check the schedules at the stations at all times.
Once inside Trnava, it's best to check out the sites by walking to get a better feel of the place and its people. Markets and residents are located on the outskirts of town and can be reached by car or taxi cab. Just make sure that you lock your car at all times.

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Trojičné námestie, Trnava

Prodej pam.medailí je možný jen v automatu na Trojičním náměstí v Trnavě.