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Snieźka Karpacz

Vnitřní automat byl přemístěn do horní stanice lanovky.
GPS: 50.77556, 15.76222
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Is the peak that towers over Karkonosze and Sudety range. The main part of a rocky cone is made of metamorphic rocks called hornfels, while its west base is made of granite. The most inaccessible south slope is cut with deep couloirs. What dominates on the north side is debris falling abruptly on this side and falling gently to Sun Valley on the east.
The specific climate of Śnieżka peak is similar to the one over the Arctic circle. This is why Alpine flora developed here on lower height than elsewhere. What is responsible for this are weather conditions. The average annual temperature on Śnieżka peak exceeds 0°C insignificantly, it is 10.6°C in the warmest month and the highest temperature recorded on the peak was 24.5°C (the newest record from 29 July 2005). Hence the snow cover appears sometimes yet in October and stays till May. During the year the average precipitation amount exceeds 1000 mm. But the most characteristic feature of this peak are hurricane winds exceeding 80m/s speed range and frequent mist (over 300 days in a year).
The peak that sticks out 200 metres over Plane under Śnieżka (Równia Pod Śnieżką) is a place from where wonderful mountain panoramas can be admired. A visibility in favourable conditions surpasses 200 km. This mount is a place of tourists pilgrimages coming not only from Poland. The place is frequently visited in summer, while in winter time it often becomes a hermitage because of weather conditions that make it inaccessible.
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Snieźka Karpacz Snieźka Karpacz coinage 019PL
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Vnitřní automat byl přemístěn do horní stanice lanovky.