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coinage 153

Říp hill



  411 87 Krabčice
telefon: 724 663 757
GPS: 50°23'11.28"N 14°17'22.62"E


GPS: 50.38639, 14.28944
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Říp Hill, quite holy mountain for Czechs, is to be seen for kilometres distance, raising up from moderately undulated countryside. You can mount the top without specially physical efforts. On the other hand, to reach the top by cycle without stop, it is rather problematic.Říp Hill has the same importance for Czechs, as Mecca has for Mohammad“. This slogan can be read in front side of Říp pub. It could be an exaggeration, but, on the other hand, a bit of truth, too. In comparison with a pilgrimage to Mecca, effected once a year by many thousands of pilgrims from all over the world, struggling for free piece of space, not to be trampled to death, the mounting to this Czech holy hill is a „walk through rose garden“, indeed.



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Říp hill Říp hill coinage 153
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