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Regent Brewery

GPS: 49.0025, 14.77222
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The Regent Brewery was founded in 1379. The unique structures of the brewery and malt workshop are a part of the ancient heart of the town of Trebon. Advanced techniques and computer controlled technologies are employed as well as traditional recipes using the best assorted raw materials – water from artesian wells, world famous hops from Zatec and high quality barley malt.

Guided tours of the brewery – one of the services that is provided by the Regent Brewery and is often used by tourists. Don´t miss the chance of having the exciting beer brewing process explained to you by a professional. You can then finish the tour with a tasting session in the Schwarzenberger Beer House at the gate of the brewery.

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Regent Brewery Regent Brewery coinage 412
Regent Bewery Regent Bewery coinage 492
Automat (NEVRACÍ) a akceptuje tyto mince: 5, 10, 20, 50,- Kč a 0,5, 1, 2 €,(kurzem 1€/25,-Kč). Pamětní ražbu automat vyplácí v celkové hodnotě 50,- Kč nebo 2 €.
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