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Zveropark animal park-goat


Revištské Podzámčie 38, 966 01 Žarnovica, Slovensko

GPS: 48.51167, 18.71528
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imagine one place ... place where nature is beautiful as a fairy tale, where there is quiet, charming animals, bickering waterfall, lake full of fish, grassfield how made for picnic ... a place where you have a feeling that time is not going so fast, where you will forget about common problems and you will only apperceive the beauty around. The place where your children put away their mobiles and tablets. The place where some animals are allowed to caress, nestle close to them, where you will relax and your children will explore nature, play, have fun.

Our aim is to meet you with the wildlife species of animals, who live freely in forests, but also with those you no longer find in them. When building their dwellings, we thought of their comfort and ensuring the most natural conditions, so our yards are large enough and spacious. There are about 30 species of animals on an area of 20 hectares in Zveropark (Animal Park).

Children know many animals, but nowadays they have little possibility of direct contact with them. We would like to encourage a positive relationship to the animals, love and attention, and that is why we have created a "caress corner" in which your little children can caress or feed animals.

Zveropark offers you and your children not only fun and new experiences, but also knowledges. We have built an amphitheatre that we use not only for cultural events but also for organizing various lectures and workshops in a playful form so that learning is not torment but fun.

You will find here many attractions for children and places to relax:

Caress corner, Amphitheatre, Machine with commemorative coins, Children playground, Fish Grilling, Throw balls at the target, Fireplace, Picnic grassfield, Outlook tower, Fishing, Shooting from the sling-shot, Campground, Trampoline, Waterfall, Buffet, Grill trout.

We also organize children's summer camps with an interesting program for children with accommodation, which is located in the camping ground, which is part of Zveropark.

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Revištské Podzámčie 38, 966 01 Žarnovica, Slovensko