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The Kysuce-Orava forest railway

GPS: 49.56389, 18.89222
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The Kysuce-Orava forest railway created technologically interesting segment in regional history of forest transportation. That is the reason for analysing of available specialised literature and documenting a report in which two aims are given. On the one hand, we analysed historical events which leaded to the formation and the downfall of the Orava-Kysuce forest railway and its architectural and organizing conditions during railway’s functioning. On the other hand, we compiled the views of various authors from chosen periodics. We investigated attitudes of individual periodics to the downfall of railway and whether they explained the reasons for downfall objectively to their readers. The main part of the report is created by study in Kysuce library and Kysuce museum in Čadca. This part was critically analysed and within limits compared to specialised literature. The relevance of railway’s functioning and railway’s contribution for today is summarised in the conclusion.