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La Grace

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is a replica of a sailing ship from the second half of the 18th century. We plow the waves of seas and oceans with her. Everybody can fully enjoy the unique atmosphere of each discovery cruise, pirate fights or just sunbathing, swimming and diving in romantic bays. Our aim is the revival of Czech marine history. We want to provide a sailing on a historical boat combined with the training of marine crafts and its proud traditions to all candidates. Life on the boat can evocate a form of illusion as you have just embarked on the real historical boat from the clothes, choice of meals to normal daily routine.

We are going to run the ship, among other things, in a program so called "Sailtraining". This program brings aboard similar ships hundreds of young people (mainly university students) every year to enjoy personally that wonderful atmosphere in great company of friends from all over the world. The training is a fun and engaging way for students and other young people to learn more about sailing and the historical context of naval vessels. In an era of sites like Wikipedia and, it is inspiring to see young people taking such an interest in historical vessels, and our training program encourages this as much as possible.

To be able to ensure the necessary budget for La Grace, we will also ship the boat on commercial voyages for everyone interested in tourism and diving.

According to available sources, the La Grace was a boat of first real Czech seafarer Augustin Heřman. First he crossed the Atlantic ocean for several times in the charge of Dutch West India Company.  When he became independent, he started to raid the Spanish trade ships with La Grace as a privateer. Later he became the largest exporter of tobacco in America. 
We started to build a boat in a professional shipyard in Egypt at the end of 2008. La Grace was launched on December 5th, 2010. The main reason for selection our shipyard is the fact that here are all the boats still built in the traditional way. If you try to close your eyes on the local workers promotional T-shirts, you could have the impression of being in the 18th century.