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Film Legends Museum - Alien


adresa pobočka PRAHA - Sokolovská 1207/226, Praha, 190 00 - tel. 608 279 279

GPS: 50.105, 14.48444
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Film Legends Museum - unique project, one of its kind in the central Europe - is now open in the capital city of the Czech Republic - Prague and a historical spa town Poděbrady. We would like to invite you to visit the breathtakingly detailed statues, figurines and replicas. Both museums proudly display more than 1100 exhibits of various sizes and scales. There is also a souvenir and collectible shop Statue Collectibles. Let yourself be transport into the magical world of the most famous movie, comic book or fairy-tale heroes we all love so much.

The collection is one of the biggest worldwide.

It is a magical place in the company of legends.

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Film Legends Museum - Alien Film Legends Museum - Alien coinage 459
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Automat je umístě u vstupu do muzea GPS: 50.10539, 14.48451 Zobrazit na mapě

adresa pobočka PRAHA - Sokolovská 1207/226, Praha, 190 00 - tel. 608 279 279