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The castle of Devín -Ioannes Zapol

GPS: 48.17389, 16.97806
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When in Bratislava, don't miss the trip to the castle of Devin! It is very close to the old town od Bratislava, around 10 km and you'll get there with ease.

Standing on a massive cliff, 212 meters above the ground, the castle serves as a museum with several exhibitions. A very popular place for Bratislava's families to spend their afternoon, this ruin (an important frontier place in Great-Moravian era) symbolizes Slavic fellowship and unity. No wonder it is a National cultural monument, depicted on Slovak stamps and old coins.



Oldest traces of a settlement date back to the 5th century B.C., 400 years before Celts populated this area. The castle has a vivid medieval history. It served as a boundary fortress, military station and a trade centre.

Devin Castle remembers our favorite brotherly duo, patron saints Cyril and Methodius, who started their mission here in 863. They developed the first alphabet to be used for Slavonic manuscripts, translated the Bible and wrote the first Slavic Civil Code, which was used in Great Moravia.

The ancient name of this castle (Dowina) comes from the Slavic word deva (girl). The watchtower, most photographed piece of the castle known now as the Maiden Tower, serves as a basis for legends about beautiful virgins, imprisoned in the tower, eventually jumping for their deaths.

In 1809 Napoleon himself ordered the castle to be destroyed, as part of the regional military neutralisation.

Exhibitions & Opening Times


The caves of the upper castle serve as a show-room for permanent exhibition called "Architectural development of Devin Castle", showing castle's history in between 11th and 19th centuries. Other exhibitions take time in different seasons.

Note: Upper castle is closed for public since 2008, due to reconstruction of statically disturbed walls.

The castle is open April - October (10.00 - 16.30), Mondays are closed.

During summer season (May - Sep), castle closes at 17.30.

Spend All Day in Devin


If you want to avoid masses, come to the castle early morning to soak in the ambient atmosphere.

There are numerous hikes and bike trails around the castle to enjoy the lush nature of the surroundings.

Lend a canoe and take a cruise on Morava with your family (or even with bikes) and admire stunning fauna and flora. Morava itself is a home for 62 different breeds of fish and 176 breeds of birds! Advice: Be sure to have a good repelent at hand!

There are a number of great restaurants operating in Devin, so you are bound to try

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The castle of Devín -Ioannes Zapol The castle of Devín -Ioannes Zapol coinage 063SK
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