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The Boskovice Castle



722 669 712

Hrad Boskovice
Hradní 7
68001 Boskovice

GPS: 49.48139, 16.66167
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Right above the city and the château complex are the romantic ruins of a Gothic-Renaissance castle. Its history began in the mid-13th century, when it was part of the estate of the Lords of Boskovice, who owned it until the end of the 14th century. The castle would eventually be owned by several different families, including the Kunštáts and Dietrichsteins, but it was eventually abandoned in the 18th century and the roof and the walls were torn down in order to provide materials for the construction of new buildings in the city. It currently belongs to the Mensdorff-Pouilly family. Of all the original massive buildings, only the shell of the castle palace has been preserved. It offers impressive views of the scenic landscape. The site has a technically interesting feature, a 26-metre-deep well with a wooden treadle wheel, the only functional one of its kind in the country. The complex, either in part or as a whole, can be rented for private cultural or social events (celebrations, meetings, receptions, weddings, etc.)